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We want to make sure that by choosing a glass dome for your desired purpose you would get exactly what you wished for. We will try understanding your wishes as best as possible. We are always ready to give advice and share our knowledge and experience to create a building of highest quality and the one that meets your requirements best.

Regardless of which type of dome you will choose

summerhouse | orangery | greenhouse| sauna | space for business events

we will start everything from thorough discussion and design

If you have a land plot or place in a land plot dedicated to glass dome, then we can start discussing the project. Since the glass dome is usually built on prepared surface on the ground, it doesn’t require special concrete foundations. Therefore, in many cases special construction permits are not required for glass dome construction.

Before starting, consider not only the position for building a glass dome, but also its purpose, size, existing communications that would need to be connected to the new building. If you have thought about all these things, let’s get in touch and determine preliminary price of your dream, terms, material selection, desired additional equipment.

Production and construction of glass dome averagely takes about 4-5 weeks from the date of signing the contract.


We use carefully selected highest quality timber that has been dried for a long time. It will be painted in your desired color. Specially prepared and processed timber also allows to make sure that it will appropriately react to seasonal climate changes and not become crooked. Spruce wood is characterized by its white color and higher quality, pine has a shade of red and it looks very beautifully when lacquered. spruce timber | pine timber | other selected timber
You can choose different types of glass according to purpose of glass dome and matching to the environment. Simple one layer glass will be completely sufficient for orangery, summerhouse, or greenhouse. While residence building or space for business events should be built using heat retaining glass units. clear | tinted | reflective | glass units | hardened glass
If you are building a summerhouse, orangery, greenhouse – it is best to choose tiles cover, terrace planks or no ground cover. For residence apartment or space for business events, according to your requests, we can lay heat insulated flooring or other chosen flooring. We will build floor in sauna. concrete tiles | terrace planks | wood floor | floor tiles | heat insulated floor
We offer to build double-stage beds for plants in orangery or greenhouse. We can install benches, table in summerhouse or sauna. We can build desired partitions in residence building, also install doors, hang lamps, install heating equipment and furnace, fireplace. We will install roof vents that open automatically according to temperature. Everything depends in your wishes and requests. lifted plant beds | benches and tables | partitions and doors | heating equipment | electrical installation | toilet | shower | plumbing | automatically opening vents


We will begin the construction of glass dome according to arranged and prepared designed. Manufactured elements will be delivered to construction site at arranged time. Then glass dome installation work will begin in selected position within your land plot.

How much time is needed for construction of glass dome?
Glass dome construction is carried out in our workplace, and it takes 4-5 weeks. Dome installation work depend on the size of glass dome. On average, construction takes from 2 to 7 days. Duration of other works depend on amount of additional work that you order – it can be floor cover, partitions, heating, and plumbing system, other interior equipment.

Order high quality glass dome and after a short while you will have an original building in your yard that will serve you for a long time.