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About us

We have many years of experience of working on wood constructions of different complexity in Germany, England, and Scandinavia. We decided to offer glass domes to Lithuanian market. Today we can share our long-term experience and do what we are best at – we will build you high quality original wooden frame glass dome with desired household equipment.

Types of domes that we build


Cozy time with a cup of tea under lots of sunlight. Perfect place for growing exotic plants and spending time. Nice relaxation time shouldn’t be ruined by rainy weather. Dome type greenhouses will allow you to grow better harvest. Plants can be grown on two floors in comfortable wooden beds. Amount of sunlight here will always be higher than in standard greenhouse.


You probably wish to live in a house that looks exceptional and attracts the attention of those passing-by. Now you can make this dream come true by building a glass dome. Here you will be able to choose covered more private and sunlit glass panel parts. Dome shaped buildings feature very good properties of heat retention. Or maybe you want to have quickly heated sauna in your house?


Unconventional glass dome exterior and positive energy inside. Make your business events, meetings, product expositions and performances more exiting in unique space. Create a special place that will attract audiances. Your dome will be mobile – we can disassemble and rebuild it in a different place off Lithuania if you would decide to do so.

Advantages of glass dome with wood frame

Triangle – strongest known geometrical shape. And exactly these shapes will be used for construction of your dome. We borrowed this structure from a diamond. Therefore, dome is very rugged building. This sustainable structure will merge into your garden environments and always please your eyes.
Dome will light up your mood with more sunlight every day. From sunny summer evenings till gloomy autumn or spring days, when we naturally feel the need for more sunlight. Exotic plants will create a pleasant shade during hot summer days.
Dome’s structure unifies natural elements, mathematics, and geometry. Lack of columns and partitions will create larger lit area. Unique construction of the dome requires ¼ less construction materials than a similar building built using conventional structure.
Sunshine heats the air within the dome and the ground beneath the floor – heat accumulated in ground radiates back inside the room. There is a constant circulation of warm and colder air within the sphere of dome. The room is ventilated by the vents that open automatically according to the temperature.
Outside air aerodynamically slides over the surfaces of the dome. Sound curtains formed on the surface of sphere prevent the noise from entering. There are perfect acoustics within the dome and no noise escapes to the outside. Conversations between people within the dome can be heard very well form different positions.
We will offer you the most suitable heating system according to your desires and the purpose of your dome. From conventional, although effective furnace, fireplace to eco-friendly, electronic air-to-air or geothermic heating. Because of its geometric shape, dome is more effective at retaining heat.


Carefully selected and dried timber for dome construction. Glass dome components that have been cut and polished with highest precision. Each part was covered in paint, varnish, and protective coating in factory conditions. Many years of experience of production and construction of such buildings.

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